Warriors visit South End Museum

It was a case of going back to their roots for the Warriors this morning as their pre-season preparations took them to the South End Museum in Port Elizabeth. This distinctive building, overlooking the Bay, was previously home to the Seafarer’s Institute and situated at the heart of the South End community so callously torn apart by forced removals during the 1960’s. The trip down memory lane was a powerful reminder to the squad of the heritage of the people that they represent and the players were visibly moved by some of the exhibits on view and upon hearing some of the individual stories of that time as shared by museum curators. It’s one thing to wear the colours of your community when you go out to bat or bowl or field, but that takes on an entirely different meaning if you have an emotional understanding and connection with the history of that community. Skipper Jon-Jon Smuts was clearly in full appreciation of the significance of the visit when we spoke to him: [See video below]

The team wrapped up their visit with breakfast fit for a Warrior at the South End Boulevard Café!

Above: The Warriors at the South End Museum