Preparations Fever Pitch!

The fixture list for the 2018/2019 domestic season has been released by Cricket South Africa and it has the Warriors springing into action with a home fixture in the Sunfoil Series against the bizhub Highveld Lions at St. George’s Park.

Since that match is scheduled to begin on Monday October 01, it’s rather sobering to note that the first ball of the new season is due to be bowled in less than six weeks from now! The Warriors players and coaching staff are, of course, well into a meticulously planned pre-season preparation regime designed to ensure they’re in peak condition when the day arrives but how were things progressing behind the scenes we wondered?

A walk out onto the hallowed playing surface of St Georges Park today revealed a rather unusual sight: the entire field was being pockmarked by machinery doing concentric laps of the ground. The technical term for what was being done, of course, was “scarification” but “pockmarked” gives a nice visual explanation for what is done in order to prepare the surface and ensure it stays free from moss and weeds etc.

The precious “square” out in the middle looked nothing like it ever did on TV with a thin brown layer of topsoil upon it but Curator Adi Carter and his groundstaff had a look of supreme confidence about them that everything was coming along perfectly according to plan. Here’s hoping the rain gods are prepared to lend a helping hand or two as well.

Above: The home ground pitch undergoing preparations for the upcoming season!