The Warriors – Travelling and Teambuilding

The Warriors have headed inland to Hogsback and Katberg for a meticulously-planned pre-season programme.

As a team they’ll deploy for various cultural and teambuilding exercises in the area as well as practice sessions utilising the facilities of the University of Fort Hare in the nearby historic town of Alice.

Speaking after the Warriors had put in the first few days of hard graft, Coach Rivash Gobind said he was pleased with what he had seen so far. “We’ve had some really good out-in-the-middle sessions at Fort Hare and I think the players have appreciated that. As much as one can put in the hours and work hard on technical aspects indoors or in the nets, there’s nothing like being out-in-the-middle when it comes to replicating match conditions. Off the field we have spent a lot of time talking about the kind of team culture that we want to have, and also want to leave for future generations, and I’ve really been encouraged by what’s come out of that,” he said.

It’s not all work for the Warriors though as fun activities planned include golf and tennis as well as a karaoke singing competition!

On Friday the team will also be engaging with the local community when they host a coaching clinic at Ngumbela Park in Alice.

The change of scenery and bonding time presented by the excursion should perfectly complement the intense fitness and indoor training sessions of the past few weeks and is expected to ensure that the local franchise is in tip-top condition come the opening morning of their first fixture of the new season – a 4-day affair against the bizhub Highveld Lions which starts at St George’s Park on October 01.

Above and below: Teambuilding exercises and practice sessions utilising the facilities at the University of Fort Hare in the historic town of Alice.

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